2015 - Christmas in the City

The weekend of December 19th and 20th, MA HOBY alumni and staff volunteered with Christmas in the City at their annual holiday party. First on Saturday, December 19th, volunteers met at the South Boston Convention center to help prepare and sort gifts for their assigned shelter of 288 children and 126 adults for a total of 414 guests. Volunteers checked that each child had a gift, either exactly what was on their wishlist or the best possible match.

On Sunday, December 20th was the Christmas in the City annual holiday celebration. Volunteers helped guide guests, escorted children to the winter wonderland, served meals and desserts and distributed gifts to all participants. A total of 75 MA HOBY alumni and staff volunteered over the weekend to help make this event a huge success.

Christmas in the City is a non-profit that provides holiday magic and memories to Boston-area families. Additionally, the 100% volunteer organization provides concrete solutions to help families successfully transition from homelessness to independent living. To learn more please visit www.christmasinthecity.org/