2018 - MA HOBY Reunion

On Saturday, July 21st, MAHOBY took over Douglas State Park! A group of 40+ Alumni members hung out with each other and had the opportunity to play games, swim, meet new friends, and eat! The action-packed day started at 9:30 am with a bunch of icebreakers, such as “Where the Wind Blows” and “Captain’s Coming.” After the icebreakers, the group got together, and Gail welcomed everyone and outlined at the eventful day ahead. Then came the introductions, where everyone had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group. After introductions, everyone resumed different activities; some spent the day making friendship bracelets and new friends, while others challenged their MAHOBY pals to some lawn games, like bocce and ladder toss. The group then reunited for lunch, enjoying sandwiches and snacks and the beautiful weather. The group separated after the lunch, with people enjoying the same activates they were participating in before lunch, others lounged around catching up with fellow alum, while others decided to swim in the lake. Those in the lake enjoyed the warm water and many rounds of Marco Polo, along with other classic games. Later in the afternoon, the group started saying goodbye to their friends, new and old, and after a few HOBY hugs, left with a bunch of new friends and new memories. Overall, the group enjoyed getting to spend the day by the lake, playing games, making new friends, and spending time with HOBY pals!