2018 - St. Jude's Walk

By: Tess Donnelly

On September 22, MA HOBY alumni had the chance to volunteer at the St. Jude Walk to end childhood cancer. This experience taught me a lot about how to integrate my HOBY Leadership knowledge in real world situations. During the event, we were stationed all around the path to cheer people on, point them in the right direction, hand out items, and dedicate our service to the event. We took part in set up, and clean up.
At the conference in June, I learned what type of leader I am, and learned what skills work best with that. By practicing real world scenarios, it made service opportunities easier. Utilizing skills such as effective communication and problem solving. Through this, I was able to apply my knowledge to my role as a volunteer. I was able to speak with a number of people during my various tasks throughout the day. My station partner and I were able to effectively communicate with not only each other, but everyone we came in contact with. At the close of the ceremony, HOBY members communicated with each other the best way to wrap up the event and serve as a helpful volunteer. We were also able to utilize our problem solving capabilities to split up the work involved with the clean evenly and fairly.
Overall, the St. Jude’s walk allowed me to apply my knowledge of what I learned during our seminar, in a real situation. Throughout the day, my communication, problem solving was put to use through various tasks, and therefore solidified what I had learned previously at the seminar.