Filmmaking and Intersectionality by Jake Jobe

My name is Jake Jobe, and I am a 2014 Massachusetts HOBY alumnus. Currently, I am film and television production major in my junior year at Loyola Marymount University. For this fall semester, I am studying abroad at Akademie für internationale Bildung (AIB) in Bonn, Germany. So far, my time abroad has been an experience which matured me intellectually and personally. Filmmaking is hard work that requires detailed technical knowledge, creativity, flexibility, and a great team. At AIB, studying the art of film production, training in cinematography, directing and editing means more than theory and in-class training. The goal of the semester is to learn how to professionally shoot in a rich, intercultural environment, and produce documentaries that raise awareness for current social or ecological issues. To practice for the final documentary, my classmates and I occupied a beautiful old building to shoot narrative projects. Supervised by our professors for directing, sound, and cinematography, we worked closely with five wonderful actors from Cologne who helped bring vampires, morticians, burglars and family drama come alive before our very lenses. Handling cameras and lights, as well as sound equipment, I was able to operate like a real professional. Living in a new culture can be exhilarating and rewarding, but it can also be frustrating. It is one thing to visit a country, it is quite another to live there and function according to a different, and sometimes mysterious set of norms. One responsibility I became aware of is to learn rather than to judge. Outside of Bonn, I frequently take advantage of Europe’s excellent public transportation system and travel together with other classmates to places such as Strasburg, Amsterdam, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Luxembourg City. By the end of the semester, when my documentary is finished, I hope to have increased self-confidence as an emerging filmmaker and justifiable pride in the work I have achieved. The final documentary is on track to be completed and released by mid-December.