2019 - SOMA Winter Games

On March 9, MA HOBY volunteered to help Special Olympics at their basketball winter games. The tournament was held at Clark University in Worcester. The teams competed on three courts all day. Our three teams of volunteers kept the time, and score and called the game and announced the players at each court. We contributed to the excitement by cheering on the players. The athletes played hard and did their best, and always showed great sportsmanship. A good time was had by all!

Later that night, our volunteers ran the Olympic village which was held at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. The athletes relaxed and had fun doing various activities and crafts. Plus, our volunteers helped at the dance and joined in with the athletes to make a enjoyable time for all!

The Special Olympic organizers appreciated our help and the athletes, coaches and families thanked us for our help. It was a very rewarding day for everyone!