About Massachusetts Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership

Hugh O'BrianIn 1958, a famous Hollywood leading man, Hugh O'Brian, returned from a trip to Africa highly inspired by a visit he had with humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

O'Brian decided to make his own contribution to society by creating the HOBY Leadership Foundation. For more than five decades, HOBY has motivated over 365,000 young people to become positive catalysts for change in their homes, schools and communities.

As one of the nation's foremost nonprofit youth leadership development organization, HOBY is respected worldwide. Each Spring HOBY conducts 70 leadership seminars throughout the United States and is active in more than 20 countries including Canada, Mexico, China, Israel, Korea, Taiwan and Bolivia. HOBY Leadership Seminars prepare high school sophomores to become effective and ethical leaders.

With no political or religious agenda, HOBY seeks to promote democracy and the free enterprise system while encouraging social responsibility. HOBY's core values are volunteerism, integrity, excellence, diversity, and community partnership. We accept all students who are nominated by their schools.

In 1978, the Boston Jaycees held the first HOBY seminar in Massachusetts.  In 1982, volunteers then created MA HOBY (Massachusetts Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership, Inc.) -- a nonprofit volunteer organization committed to HOBY's core values. To best serve Massachusetts, MA HOBY is governed by a Board of Directors of prominent business leaders, educators, members of cooperating organizations and HOBY alumni.

MA HOBY provides opportunities to young people through several programs.  The largest program is our Leadership Seminar for high school sophomores.  This three-day gathering in the spring is hosted by a Massachusetts college or university.  Each public and private High School in Massachusetts is eligible to register a student who will have opportunities to meet distinguished leaders, develop leadership skills, participate in community service, and meet fellow students from across the state.

The MA HOBY Alumni Association is a year round organization that provides service and social opportunities for all alumni.  This program element also offers educational and impactful workshop to further alumni development.  Plus, the numerous networking opportunities provide support and growth to our alumni.

The MA HOBY Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW) is a one day program for freshman in high school.  This program includes key elements of the seminar in order to spread the HOBY spirit and to provide education on the HOBY program.