Gail Elmore

Gail ElmoreGail Elmore is President of the Massachusetts Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership, Inc. (MA HOBY). Gail has served in this position since January, 2005 and has been involved with HOBY since September, 2003. During this time, she helped to re-incorporate the program as a 501 (c) 3 organization, more than doubled the size of the participating students and staff, and established a strong year round program which is financially solid. Gail has earned 12 Outstanding level (highest level) awards from HOBY International for her contributions to MA. Gail is also a significant contributor to the HOBY program on the national level.

In addition to this, Gail is a successful self employed online investor. She gained her investment knowledge through a lifelong study of the market and from working with Merrill Lynch in the group department of the San Franciso, CA office. Being self employed allows freedom in scheduling her own hours so that she can maximize time with her family.

Gail’s diverse employment background included working for John Hancock as an assistant project manager for a multimillion dollar claim payment system where she was responsible for the design and implementation of the national system. Also, Gail worked for Wright Line as an assistant area sales manager for a nine state western territory where she was responsible for the hiring and training of sales associates and for making key presentations.

Gail’s other volunteer contributions include being President of Apple Tree Arts School which included founding it as a 501 (c) 3 organization, and growing the programs and instructors over the first 7 years. This solid background has enabled the school to keep growing even after she left in 2005. Gail also was an avid Girl Scout leader for 8 years, and one year led two troops. Plus, she has helped extensively in Grafton public schools, and many organizations throughout Massachusetts such as Special Olympics, Jimmy Fund and Ron Burton Training Village.

Gail lives in Grafton with her husband George. Their daughter, Christine, lives in Boston, MA and their daughter, Melissa, lives in Acton, MA.

Gail’s comments on MA HOBY: “Rebuilding MA HOBY with the help of an extraordinary staff has been an OUTSTANDING experience. Together, we have positively impacted hundreds of youths and helped to make our communities stronger and better. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our program and are passionate about mentoring and helping youths to excel and to succeed. I am always available to assist and guide HOBY alumni!”