Vishnu Pandey

Vishnu PandeyVishnu Pandey received his Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in 2001 and a Master's degree in the spring of 2007. Presently he works for the Dell Corporation in Nashua, New Hampshire as a Senior Systems/Software Engineer where he specializes in the advancement of iSCSI technology. Prior to Dell, Pandey served as a UNIX administrator at Philips Lifeline in Framingham, MA where he worked as part of a team to manage and maintain the life critical infrastructure that was ultimately responsible for 600,000+ subscribers.

In his spare time, Pandey volunteers at a local elementary school in Nashua and takes classes in both American Kenpo and Krav Maga, an Israeli-style mixed martial art. Since graduating from college, he has been actively involved with a number of local and International non-profit organizations where he has held various leadership positions. In 2002 Pandey became part of the Samaritans Organization in Framingham where he has served as a Home Leader and Trainer in addition to manning the actual hotline for over 900 hours and assisting in fundraising efforts throughout the year. Additionally Pandey has been an active volunteer for the Institute of Electronics Engineers (IEEE) since 1998 where he started off as the chair of his college chapter and worked his way up to the position of Regional Coordinator for IEEE-USA's Student Professional Awareness Committee. He now serves as the chair of the committee and is invited to speak at a number of colleges around the U.S. on both technical and professional topics.

A 1995 alumnus of the Massachusetts HOBY program, Pandey became re-involved with the organization in 2009 as a conference facilitator.

"HOBY is a wonderful organization that promotes equality and empowers students around the world to create positive change in their respective communities. I am proud to be part of the all-volunteer team around the world that has helped thousands of students gain the confidence to take on new challenges and serve as leaders in their every-day life. Only through the determination of today's young adults can the problems of tomorrow be resolved in a peaceful and positive manner.