2017 - MA HOBY College Workshop

On February 4, we held a workshop focused on how to select and get into college. This was hosted at Instrumentation Laboratory which was arranged by Andres Tejeda. Andres also gave a presentation on how to make effective decisions and the steps to take and options to consider when making a decision. We were fortunate to have other MA HOBY staff members involved. Tori Landry showed how to use the internet to help identify colleges that meet your criteria and list of interests. Taylor Hunt and Cody Carneiro presented unique opportunities available such as study aboard programs, laboratory research and internships, unique majors and other college experiences. Gail Elmore shared eight tips on writing a college essay. Matt Johnston, Assistant Director of Admissions at Clark University, gave an excellent presentation on what admissions directors look for when selecting students to attend their collage. The day was very informative and productive. The attendees left feeling more confident and empowered to begin their college experience.