2017 - Ron Burton Training Village

On Oct. 14, MA HOBY helped with preparing the Ron Burton Training Camp for the winter. We cleaned out the beautiful Grecian urns that decorate the camp by removing the flowers and soil. We gained experience on maneuvering wheelbarrows, shoveling and loading the lifter on heavy equipment. We then joined campers there from the Red Sox program for a delicious spaghetti dinner. We enjoyed spending the night in their awesome bunkhouse and challenged each other in games of basketball and fun in the huge gym. On Sunday morning after breakfast, we attended a workshop conducted by James Orrigo from Lad in a Battle. James shared his energy and knowledge and taught everyone how to create a video like he does for children in hospitals.

James had this to say about the workshop, “! It was a huge success and it was amazing to see how many students created incredible works! Most had never written a song, recorded music, made a cartoon or edited a video! By the end of the event each student did all of the above! It was a blast and so great to work at the training village. What an incredible experience! So happy to team up with HOBY, you are the best.”

Here are some comments from the attendees:

“The workshop was definitely worthwhile. I learned about how to take regular technologies we take for granted and turn it into something new that can make a difference. It was a great team building event. James also taught us about how to make people feel comfortable around you even in uncomfortable situations.”

“I definitely loved James' workshop and thought it was positively fantastic. I would definitely recommend it to others. I liked getting to understand how to do all the audio, animation, and editing. The timing and everything was excellent, and I particularly loved doing that little game and demonstration with placing the hospital clothes on correctly.”