2014 Jimmy Fund Walk

On Sunday, September 24th, 2014, HOBY alumni volunteered at The Jimmy Fund Walk (“The Walk”). The Jimmy Fund Walk is a fundraiser that benefits Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, whose mission is to conquer cancer. The participants in The Walk complete various routes, one of which is the same course as the Boston Marathon from Hopkinton (26.1 miles). At this event, the MA HOBY volunteers were stationed at the finish line. We had 36 alumni at The Walk, volunteering 8 ½ hours of work and enthusiasm. This effort totaled 306 hours of service. In true MA HOBY fashion, the alumni cheered as the walkers finished last few yards before crossing the finish line. While at the finish line, volunteers were tasked with distributing medals to those who had completed the walk. The participants are driven to complete this walk for various reasons; some are there to represent and support family members touched by cancer, others participate because they have been directly impacted by this disease. I think I can speak for all involved in these festivities, it was a truly an inspirational day. Most importantly, this event was a towering success for the Jimmy Fund as they raised about 7.5 million dollars! A special thanks to those who volunteered.

~Ryan Haggerty