2015 Massachusetts Special Olympics August Tournament

MA HOBY volunteers are excited to have completed another year with the Massachusetts Special Olympics August Tournament! On Friday, August 7th, volunteers arrived on the UMass Amherst campus to prepare for a fun-filled weekend. Saturday morning, 82 volunteers loaded onto buses and headed out to Blunt Park, Nonatuck Park, and a Easthampton High School where they cheered on athletes and helped out with events such as softball, bocce, and cycling. Volunteers also helped in Olympic Town, an area where athletes and families could relax and where the volunteers would later hand out awards.

Saturday night, HOBY helped form a human tunnel and cheer for the athletes as they ran through with the Olympic torch. This was a great kick off to an outstanding dance, where everyone could relax and have some fun! Soon enough it was Sunday morning, and the volunteers headed back to their sites to finish up the final games and hand out awards.

A Massachusetts Special Olympics August Tournament representative had this to say about MA HOBY and the weekend, "Thank you for volunteering at the 2015 August Tournament! We had almost 1000 athletes competing in 5 sports at 5 venues over the weekend. The entire weekend was a success because of your generous support and we couldn't have done it without you. From Blunt Park to Easthampton, from Olympic Town to the Dance, HOBY was there to lead the events and cheer and support every athlete. We truly appreciate your leadership, flexibility, dedication, and energy. Your enthusiasm and leadership set the tone for August Tournament and created a memorable weekend for everyone who attended. The athletes, families, volunteers, and staff all shared their praise for you and your fellow HOBY volunteers. You have earned and deserve your reputation for being a pleasure to work with and for making a positive difference in each athlete's life."

As always, MA HOBY had an outstanding time at the 2015 Massachusetts Special Olympics August Tournament. We look forward to next years' games, and we hope to see you there! Thank you to all who attended!

~Dani Crepeau