HOBY International designed and developed the Community Leadership Workshop or CLeW program in 1989 to provide outstanding high school students with a one-day, HOBY-style experience. The purpose of the CLeW is to introduce even more students and communities to the HOBY philosophy through a program that is less restricted by costs and logistics than HOBY’s other programs. As of the 2007 program year, CLeWs became targeted to high school freshmen only, furthering HOBY’s mission to provide lifelong leadership development opportunities.

The 2020 Massachusetts HOBY CLeW took place on January 18, 2020 at Grafton High School. Shubi Joshi was the CLeW Director! There were 10 schools represented and 34 students attended. The motivational speaker Jonas Cain donated his time and talents to engage the students through magic on the importance and power of staying positive. Ian Pimental gave a presentation on the different types of communication and the importance of getting your idea and point of view communicated to others. Andrew Morin gave a presentation on how keeping your mindset focused on good and positive goals will produce the desired goals. Wyatt Doyle talked about uniting your passion and purpose to help you reach your goal. Shubi Joshi gave a presentation on the work and history of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The participants then created cheer cards to be given to patients at the St. Jude Hospital. Everyone participated in fun team building exercises, group discussions, and cheers! Our junior staff Tyler Merrill, Sachi Joshi, Sierra Wynn and Abbey Fluent helped throughout the day engaging those in their group and made presentations on the many opportunities that HOBY offers. Juliana Kallio was our CLeW chair and oversaw the team building activities, coordinated our needs with Grafton High School and helped with Operation needs during the CLeW. Suzanne Wright prepared the program book, certificates, and name tags, oversaw registration and helped throughout the day. We are very appreciative of Jim Pignatore, principal of Grafton High School, for his support of our program and for donating the use of their school's excellent facilities. Also, many thanks to Lucky, owner of Pepperoni Express, for donating some pizzas which were enjoyed the participants. It was an honor to meet the students who attended the CLeW and look forward to having them join us at future MA HOBY events!